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Facebook id online sex chat

Facebook has been a runaway success because it allows people to create their own profile and welcome new 'friends' with whom they can share their every waking thought.

Hours of tapping at a keyboard while your backside expands.

Chatting without hearing the tone of their voice or reading their gestures and facial expressions.

friends, with their little weird ways, their shortcomings, their obsessions, their strange eating habits and their wonderful gossip.

Now, before you dismiss me as an old Luddite, be assured that I am not attacking the internet: it's a valuable tool which makes things like shopping and browsing news and information from around the world much easier.

It started with texting and emailing: now it's 'blogging' and social networking.

It's verbal diarrhoea, with zero content of genuine interest.

Most blogs are a litany of the humdrum, with bulletins about new tricks the cat can do, or how many times a day the baby has pooed.