Start Background searches and russian and dating

Background searches and russian and dating

“I have somewhat of a safety net.“If you think back, people didn’t really date. You have to be smart on your own, be your own community.”That need for romantic self-defense — with its attendant anxieties — is what led Ms. Another woman was forced to file a restraining order against her ex-husband.

I knew someone who was dating a guy that was on his way to being evicted, and she had no idea.”Romantic Self-Defense Jen had no idea. She found it odd that the man she was dating had a sparsely furnished Manhattan apartment, yet offhandedly mentioned owning a house on Long Island. Coder’s course, Jen was able through online searching to ascertain that the man actually lived on Long Island — and then discover that a listed a female associate of his who shared the same last name was actually his wife.“I dumped him on the spot,” Jen said. “The number of people in the world who are doctors and lawyers could fit in my closet.”Second, Jen gave the account’s login and password information to a handful of trusted friends — in case something goes terribly wrong during a date, or she ends up like the unfortunate young women who disappear during Caribbean vacations and reappear on cable television newscasts.“I think what [Ms. Coder said, are coming off divorces or relationships gone sour.

“It was hilarious because he used to make jokes about me trying to trap him into a marriage someday. Coder] teaches gives you more peace of mind than anything else,” she said. “I realized that by dating, I was just meeting random people telling me what they wanted to tell me,” Ms. One woman dated a man for months before discovering he was an alcoholic.

Scammers target the vulnerable—widows and widowers, the elderly, the lonely and isolated.

They ask their marks to send money for travel expenses, steal their identities, or even, occasionally, convince them to commit crimes.

To the list of modern dating essentials — breath mints, a clean shirt, the ability to sit through a chick flick or comic book movie with minimal fuss — add the following: Do-it-yourself background checks.

Such is the idea behind Investi Date, a website and series of classes that brings romance into the TSA era, teaching singles how to use public information and Internet sleuthing to vet potential romantic partners. Just met cute with the possible man or woman of your dreams?

Coder deployed a laptop and a projector to teach her students — mostly women in their 30s — how to analyze the online profiles of prospective love matches. 1: If someone uses the word “honest” to describe him or herself, they probably aren’t. Coder advises students to set up two profiles: one of them real, the other a “control post.” While the real profile contains a person’s actual information — height, hair color, likes and so on — the control post is fabricated and exaggerated. Next, input that number into a website that supplies corresponding rent levels. “Look, I know the economy is tough and that New York is expensive.

Finally, divide the rent figure by the suitor’s number of roommates, then multiply that figure by 40 — in New York, renters are supposed to have an annual income 40 times their monthly rent.“I started thinking, ‘How do you know that you won’t become some unemployed guy’s meal ticket? I’d rather date a guy who has nothing and works his way to what he has.

Harper manages the firm’s investigations for Eastern Europe, including Russia, the Ukraine and Romania—”three countries in the region where we see the highest risk for fraud and scam activity,” he says. Petersburg and Kiev and conduct due diligence, background checks, surveillance, and asset searches in both countries.

The firm’s goal, says Harper, is “to lower the risk for businesses and individuals looking to do business in a foreign country, lower the risk for online dating, and to verify companies and individuals met via the internet.” Harper has been a private investigator for a decade, and he worked in law enforcement and military investigations prior to joining Wymoo®and Russia PI. Each country is slightly unique in its criminal activity and approach to dating scams.

A former crime reporter, she realized her investigative journalism skills could help her more safely navigate a confusing, oft-disappointing, potentially dangerous dating landscape. Coder’s website puts it: Are you swooning over a closeted-serial killer? She also dated a man who claimed he owned a transportation company — but actually owned a pedicab. Coder originally planned to write a book about romantic investigation, only to shelve the idea in favor of pursing a romantic relationship. I always hope one day I’ll get married to a great guy who would never do that to me.