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The newspaper remained a staunch supporter of Chamberlain helping to take the town with him as he pushed for municipal reform.

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Feeney and Journal editor, John Jaffray initially contemplated a second mid-week edition of the Journal, but the launch of Birmingham's first daily newspaper by prominent radical George Dawson – the short-lived Birmingham Daily Press – provoked them into launching their own daily title, The Birmingham Daily Post, on 4 December 1857.

From the outset the Post became closely associated with radical politics and intellectual movements.

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By the 1870s, the Birmingham Daily Post was the largest circulating daily newspaper in the Midlands.

Following the death of John Feeney in 1905, ownership of the Post passed to his nephew, Charles Hyde.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and uncle, Hyde was a great philanthropist and stated in his Will that the Birmingham Post and the Birmingham Mail, which he also owned, should be sold, with the proceeds going to various charities and hospitals.

The papers were bought by an established newspaper proprietor Sir Edward Iliffe, a former Conservative MP, who already owned the Coventry Evening Telegraph.

A nationally influential voice in the Chartist movement in the 1830s, it was sold to John Frederick Feeney in 1844 and was a direct ancestor of today's Birmingham Post.