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Hill haper dating myths

“I talked to the guy and I said, ‘You know, listen.

In other words, they want a relationship that has qualities or elements of their same-sex relationships — just like women do too.

ESSENCE: What can men do to break the cycle of being the player that you talk about?

HARPER: We as men have to stop giving permission to other men to act foul, [which] in part feeds into the heaviness of women because they feel suspicious, duped and cheated on.

“I was shooting a show called at the time,” he continued.

“I was in my dressing room and I didn’t know why he was calling me.

Harper set off on a quest of self-examination and investigation into the greater community, which manifested in his now popular book.

We caught up with the actor, who shared his findings on sex versus intimacy, dating, and men breaking the cycle of being players...

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